Object entries are articles created to document the acquisition, researching, testing, containment, and logs associated with the object.  Entries must always be titled in the following way:

OBJ-XXX (where XXX is a number starting at 001) (name of object)

For example:

OBJ-001 (The Monitor)

Once you have a name for the object, continue creating the entry according to the template described below.


The heading must contain the following information:

  • Object ID: OBJ-XXX
  • Common Name: Searchable name or what the object represents
  • Acquired: When the object was acquired by the MOC
  • Research Class: R1 to R4 (see Object Classifications)
  • Protection Class: P1 to P4 (see Object Classifications)
  • Special Classes: See Object Classifications.  If R0 or P0, place in appropriate class above.

How Object was AcquiredEdit

An in-depth account detailing exactly how the object came to the attention of the MOC.  If the object was discovered by staff, the names of those involved may remain.  If brought in by a third-party, the names must be [REDACTED].  Under no circumstances are the names of anyone not involved with the MOC published.

Description of ObjectEdit

A detailed description of the object is to be placed here.  Certain information may be omitted to protect the health and safety of MOC staff members.  If The Administration feels information should be redacted, they will make the appropriate changes.

Research LogEdit

[Coming soon...]

Testing LogEdit

[Coming soon...]

Protection ProceduresEdit

Document how the object should be contained, if applicable.  If the object may be used or carried normally, state any precautions that should be observed.

See AlsoEdit

This section should provide links to other entries associated with this object.  If there are no related entries, this section may be omitted.


Please see OBJ-001 (The Monitor) for an example of how an entry should be written.